Acoustics on target

Strategic committee 

The SOACSY team is lean and efficient with a high level of expertise acquired over many years, and covering a wide range of competencies: Geophysics, Underwater Acoustics, Signal processing, Electronics, Software development and Surveying.

Dr Philippe PLANTEVIN,
CEO/Founder of SOACSY

Philippe has 25 years of experience in the fields of Underwater Acoustics and Signal Processing. Engineer in Physics and Electronics, PhD in Acoustics (partnership with DCNS), former post-doctoral fellow at the French Research Institute for Sea Exploration (IFREMER).


Olivier PLOTTON, 65 years old, is a senior engineer graduate from Ecole Centrale de Paris. He has a 40 years rich experience in large industrial projects (oil and gas, space and defence, offshore, automotive and nuclear industries) and has managed companies or business units involved in engineering and manufacturing. He was also responsible for development and strategy of major industrial groups. 

Senior Survey Consultant 

Michel has 36 years experience in offshore positioning and survey activities. He has a large operational expertise in subsea construction projects, from shallow water shore approach to deep water field development. He has also been regularly involved with Technology Development projects for survey equipment. Michel is graduate engineer from Ecole Centrale de Paris, and former Chief Surveyor of Subsea 7 Survey Group.

Pierre BIALE
System Engineer

Former CTO of THALES-PONS (THALES group), Pierre has spent 40 years working on innovative sonar development


Didier AVÉ
Alumni Business Angel support

Didier AVÉ is a senior engineer graduates from Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics et HEC-MBA. He has a 30 years’ experience in industrial projects development (automotive, nuclear, offshore and sea-works, space and defence) as consulting engineer or technical director. He wrote several technical articles and books. He taught management projects for engineer and management schools.

Management team

  • Dr Philippe PLANTEVIN, CEO/Founder of SOACSY
  • Olivier PLOTTON – CFO