Acoustics on target

Oil & Gas

  • Pipe routing in shallow water or close to existing structures
  • Burial Assessment studies
  • Inspection surveys
  • Rehabilitation of idle wells
  • Soil studies prior to installation of a jack-up drill
  • Seabed stability studies
  • Permanent or temporary anchor installation


  • Precise positioning of existing buried structures
  • Optimization of geotechnical studies
  • Easy transport and set-up 

Civil engineering

Offshore wind & renewable energy

  • Offshore wind and sea-related renewable energy production
  • Anchor piling
  • Harbor construction
  • Bridge foundation
  • Dredging
  • Cavity and boulder detection 


  • Improved UXO / small object detection
  • Precise imaging thanks to Synthetic Aperture Sonar processing
  • Deep penetration through coarse or consolidated sediments thanks to the low frequency content of the Chirp impulse
  • Usable in shallow water


Seabed stability

  • Precise delineation of seafloor stratigraphy
  • Correlation of sedimentary events
  • Identification of slip levels
  • Identification of permeable sand horizons
  • Detection and mapping of gas bearing sediments

Coastal erosion


  • High resolution images thanks to super wideband Chirp technology and synthetic aperture sonar processing
  • Deep penetration through coarse or consolidated sediments thanks to low frequency Chirps
  • Usable in very shallow water 


  • Precise delineation of seafloor stratigraphy
  • Deep penetration through coarse sediments 


  • Exploitation optimization
  • Reduced reconnaissance survey costs due to a reduced need for coring operations


Shipwrecks, marine artifacts


  • Efficient detection and localisation of buried wrecks and artefacts
  • Rapid coverage of large areas
  • Easy transport and set-up