Acoustics on target

Acoustic engineering

Acoustic engineering is the core expertise of the company, with a focus on the continuous improvement of acoustic systems and associated processes to advance the field of sub-bottom profiling via the implementation of cutting edge technology.

With its innovative seaCHIRP™ technology, SOACSY meets the highest standards in terms of data quality for seismic prospecting.


SOACSY’s experienced team is dedicated to rapid and cost efficient survey implementation. 
Minimising the time required for mobilisation / demobilisation, calibration, system integration, installation of kinematic positioning systems, motion sensors etc. maximises surveying time and cost efficiency for clients.


SOACSY has developed a dedicated, proprietary, post-processing software which includes Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) processing, Seismic Inversion, Beamforming etc… 

(Towed System Engineering)

In response to client’s requests, SOACSY has focused on engineering a towed system that is as light, maneuverable and rugged as possible. Capable of operating at speeds up to 5 knots in heavy seas (wave height up to 1 m), the towed system is both very portable and easy to set up in a variety of configurations, depending on vessel availability. The towed system’s light weight and small cross-section allows surveying using vessels as small as 6 m in length. 

SOACSY is currently working with partners on integrating the seaCHIRP™ technology on other platforms.

Geophysical Interpretation

The unique broadband nature of the seaCHIRP seismic data and the high signal / noise ratio permits a range of geophysical post-processing workflows derived from the oil industry to be applied to the data.
These include:

  • Spectral Deconvolution
  • Coloured Acoustic Inversion
  • Spectral Whitening / Blueing
  • Sub-volume Extraction
  • Sub-volume Wrapping
  • Horizon Auto-tracking